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How Atanto Works

Provide a simple description

Simply provide a basic description of your product and the key features.

Or provide a photo

Alternatively you can upload a photo of your product and our AI will describe it for you!

Listing created!

Our AI will craft the perfect product title, description and tags that you can use on Etsy!

Take your Etsy store to a new level

List more products & save time with Atanto

Easily generate entire listings

Simply provide a photo or a simple description of your item, and Atanto with write the perfect product title, description and tags that you can use on Etsy.

Created by Etsy sellers

As Etsy sellers ourselves we know exactly the kind of tools we need. Sitting down and writing the perfect product listing can be time consuming and stressful. Atanto was created to fix this.

AI as a creative tool

As creatives, AI can seem scary. We see AI as a tool that can help you, spark your own creativity, open you up to different ways of expressing yourself. But most importantly, it frees up more of your time to do more important things.


No subscription required

Choose a payment plan that suits you!

One time payment

Get access to all Atanto features with no subscription! Great for small Etsy stores, or people wanting to try Atanto.


Generate 100 Listings

20 Photo Descriptions

Unlimited AI Edits

Expires after one year, repurchase when needed


Choose Atanto subscription and get more listings and photo descriptions! Great for larger stores or people who list more items on Etsy.



/ month

Generate 200 Listings

40 Photo Description

Unlimited AI Edits

Renews monthly, cancel anytime

Want to generate more than 200 listings a month? Then please reach out, we’ll create a custom plan just for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have an Etsy store can I still use Atanto?

Atanto will craft product titles, description and tags with the Etsy platform in mind, but you can use these on any e-commerce platform.

Will this make listing on Etsy quicker?

Yes. After crafting your product, the most time consuming part of listing on Etsy is crafting the perfect Title, Description and Tags. Atanto does all this for you, leaving you more time to focus on your store and customers.

How do I get my listing created in Atanto over to Etsy?

We’ve built one-click copy functions into our app, click these copy buttons and paste over into Etsy. Easy!

Do you offer a free plan?

No. To use Atanto you need to have a subscription or top-up your account with our one-time payment option. Our AI requires very powerful (and expensive) servers to run, therefore we aren’t able to offer a free plan currently.

Who runs Atanto?

Atanto is ran by a small team of Etsy sellers. The founder (Samuel) has been an Etsy seller for over 7 years.

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